St. Mel’s Cathedral

Published 30th August 2022

Waterman Moylan was appointed by loss adjusters acting for insurers to provide emergency engineering, carrying out the intervention, salvage and temporary protection and stabilisation works following the catastrophic fire damage at St. Mel’s Cathedral in Longford, which occurred on 25 December 2009.

The scope of work involved the making safe of the site for clearance works and the supervision of the temporary works to support the remaining structure during this process.

As part of the services provided, we organised the salvage of relics and other objects from the Cathedral museum and the salvage and restoration of the two Harry Clarke stained glass windows in the east and west transepts.

Additionally, the scope of the project has evolved to incorporate the provision of temporary facilities for the congregation at St. Mel’s College, adjacent to the Cathedral, to help facilitate the increased volume of pedestrian traffic due to the temporary relocation of Church services to the College.

Client: St Mels Cathedral/OSG Loss Adjusters