Urban Regeneration

Urban Regeneration

Our multidiscipline team harness their cross-sector expertise to design vibrant and innovative environments, creating sustainable, flexible places that respond to the needs of those who live, work and play in them.

We believe in creating inclusive people-centric destinations where communities and businesses can collaborate and embrace new ways of working and living, whilst positively impacting the physical and social environments we deliver.

We strive to deliver highly successful, climate-resilient solutions for our projects. Our expertise covers all types of projects encompassing retail, residential and commercial functions, from challenging refurbishment schemes through to major new – build urban regeneration developments. Mixed-use projects require a holistic, highly collaborative approach, underpinned by expert input and we deliver connected environments which respond to the differing sector demands.

Our team has a proven track record of planning and designing for a wide range of uses and functions, often with complex infrastructure requirements, and we have developed a strong understanding of specific and specialised needs.

The multidiscipline approach taken by our team covering all elements of building services, structural, civil and environmental design ensures that we efficiently meet all project engineering demands. We recognise the importance of health and wellbeing and strive to create a sense of community that nurtures this through access to safe, inspiring and diverse spaces where people can meet and socialise.

Our agile design solutions embed climate resilience throughout, ensuring our developments continually adapt to the changing world. Our multidiscipline teams take a holistic approach to designing sustainable, low carbon solutions for the built environment, considering the project’s whole life carbon cycle, circular economy and operational carbon emissions. Our specialist sustainability team works alongside our engineers to guide the design process and to set the roadmap for achieving the project sustainability goals and targets.

Featured Project

Kennedy Road, Civic Square

The conversion of an informal public parking area serving over 50 retail and commercial businesses in the centre of Navan.

The development fronted directly into a high-quality public space providing formal parking, delivery areas, pedestrianisation, landscaping and public lighting while maintaining access to the existing businesses.

Waterman Moylan was responsible for liaison with the businesses, setting constraints for phasing the works and coordination of utilities diversions. Our on-site coordinator was singled out for special praise by Navan Town Council at the formal opening ceremony in June 2008.


Kennedy Road Civic Square

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