An increasing population needs an evolving railway infrastructure, not only to aid sustainable transport for commuting but also to move goods as a more environmentally friendly alternative to road freight, supporting the journey to net zero.

At Waterman, when we consider rail and mass transit infrastructure, we see much more than the component parts; we see the potential to connect people and serve communities by providing a safe, affordable and efficient infrastructure. We are committed to value engineering safe and cost effective rail infrastructure solutions which help shape rail and transport networks, maximising connectivity and prioritising ease of use and accessibility.

We provide market leading expertise in all aspects of engineering and across all design disciplines. We offer our clients services ranging from initial project development and planning phases, through to full engineering design, documentation and construction phase services. In addition, we deliver specialist advice to our design partners on the operation, maintenance and management of rail and mass transit assets.

Since 1990, we’ve been continuously developing our unique, highly flexible, computer aided drawing and data management system, AUTORAIL TM. With over 10,000 miles of rail track mapped, the System is used throughout the railway industry.

We also embrace new technologies such as BIM and digital railways on our projects. New technologies impact how and where people live and work, and directly affect community needs. For Waterman, the key to success in this new environment is to harness imagination, link this to evolving digital tools and empower our teams to ensure rail infrastructure is future ready.

Mark Terndrup

Mark Terndrup

Mark Terndrup
Managing Director
Building Services – South
Tel: +44 207 928 7888

email: mark.terndrup@watermangroup.com

The team was well experienced and delivered to tight timescales. Commu nication was effective amongst the team which resulted in quality deliverables and the team was nimble to changes. We would use Waterman again

Ian Suter, Design Manager Plain Line South Rail Systems Alliance , Colas Rail.

Featured Project

Since 2009, our team has provided civil and structural engineering and geo-environmental contaminated land services for the redevelopment of Twickenham Station.

Our specialists began by providing engineering input for the station’s redesign, starting with the deck over the existing rail lines and buildings. Our specialists utilised offsite manufacturing in the design and construction of the deck to reduce the impact of working in the ‘hazard zone’ next to the rail. This approach had multiple benefits, allowing us to complete complex works during short line possession periods, mitigate the health and safety risks and keep rail down-time to a minimum.

Our structures team also developed a construction sequence to allow piling and construction of in situ concrete pile caps during normal rail working hours to facilitate the installation of columns and the completion of the deck over the rail lines, all during rail possession time. Once the deck was completed, this then acted as the crash deck for the works above, which meant they could be carried out while the train lines were operating.

To enable this, our team devised a series of ‘rail-locked mini-sites’ which were fully isolated from live rail and were Network Rail-compliant in terms of health and safety. In conjunction with specifying offsite-manufactured components wherever possible, this had a huge impact on the project programme, reducing durations for the structural elements and saving three months on the overall construction programme.

Our team went on to design the structures interface with the new works, including the alterations to both the platforms and platform roof. Elsewhere, our engineers developed the design for below ground drainage, providing details for Under Track Crossings (UTX) and producing the methodology for the works to suit Network Rail’s requirements. Throughout the redevelopment, we worked with Network Rail to identify the construction process and sequencing for the whole scheme, allowing construction to take place during both normal working hours and rail possessions.
With the capacity to handle thousands of daily commuters and tens-of-thousands of rugby matchday passengers, the fully modernised Twickenham station now provides smooth transit for the largest crowds.

Twickenham Gateway

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